Chirrut vs Everything Is The Rogue One We Wanted

As much as I loved Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I was a bit disappointed when martial arts icon, Donnie Yen, was cast but his fighting skills limited. Chirrut vs Everything is essentially what Rogue One would have been had Donnie Yen has been used to his full potential. Keep in mind, I loved Rogue One but I would have paid so much money to see this version of the movie.

The parody Chirrut vs Everything is a LEGO Star Wars parody is everything we wanted Rogue One to be. The short gives us the Chirrut as envisioned by movie fans.

This video was released by the How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel, in collaboration with Brotherhood Workshop. Kevin Ulrich directed, wrote, and animated the short in addition to providing his voice. Daniel Baxter, Emily Liu, and Jon Brunson rounded out the rest of the watching voice cast.

Every Star Wars fan should get a strong laugh when the Stormtrooper manage to take out themselves. Admission, I laughed a bit harder than I should have at that moment. However, had Chirrut did kick as much ass as he did here, he is all the rebellion needed to crush the Empire.

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