Chrome Store Removes Unsecured Warning on Edge

Back when Microsoft introduced their Chromium Edge browser into beta, it worked essentially like Google Chrome. While Microsoft was limited by the amount of extensions available, you were able to connect/import extensions from Chrome Store into your Edge browsers. Now, I used it throughout its beta and even into the new release. The extensions worked beautifully and there was never an issue. That changes recently.

For one reason or another, the Chrome Web Store began suggesting that installing a Chrome extension on the Edge browser would make it less secure. I never found any issue, but then again I only used uBlock Origins, LastPass, and Dark Reader.

chrome-web-store-edge jpg 830×553
That seems like a bit of a low blow.

Google never released a statement as to why it was an issue and how it made the extension less secure. Again, without warning, Google removed the warning. Still, they never provided a reason one way or another. The only reason could be is simply: Google didn’t want people using Edge.

I know it seems odd, but it is that simple. Now, let’s be honest, neither party isn’t innocent in this situation. Most likely, this was Google’s attempt at hitting back after Microsoft canceled their plans to force Chrome users to use Bing as a default (and unchangeable) when using Office 365. Two weeks and a bunch of outcries later, Microsoft reversed their decision.

Also, Microsoft makes sure that you use Bing, at some point, when using Edge. You can set your default search engine as Google, but when you open a new tab – and immediately search – it uses Bing. That could be annoying, since you would have to hit the “home” button to use Google again.

Nevertheless, Google using that unsecure claim is a bit of a low blow. However, it doesn’t seem like many people heeded their warning. They still added the extensions. But, you can almost certainly tell that this won’t be the last we heard of this.