Clickbate: Disney May Close Marvel Comics

There’s something to say about the internet. It’s not anything good, just there is something to say about the internet. Much of the internet is made up of stories that are simply… well, made up. Take this one, for instance. For one reason or another, a site started a story – which gained traction from other sites that don’t think about it before they publish it – that Disney is going to close Marvel Comics. Yeah, this happens more than people think.

Their concept was simple: Marvel Comics’ announcement of a panel at SXSW (South by Southwest), which will bring Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada together for an hour-long panel. What is odd about this panel? Nothing. They added more mysterious context when it added: The panel is titled Marvel: From Comics To Screens and will analyze how the comics act as the lifeblood and pulse of the movies, games, and television shows that are dominating the market right now.

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Did you know Mickey was part of the JFK assassination?

Eerie, right? I know. It’s very illuminati. That, in conjunction, of an article written by a retailer about how comic sales are dwindling, they have to be attempting to prove to Disney that comics are still relevant. I mean, since neither things have anything to do with one another that has to be the logical conclusion. I hope you are catching my sarcasm, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

Several sites debunked this conspiracy theory, while others rolled their eyes. It isn’t unusual for Bleeding Cool to regularly bash Marvel for whatever reason. Even Joe Quesada threw some shade their way.

Regardless of how ludicrous that story is, Bleeding Cool got what it wanted: clicks. Clickbate is strong on the internet. Many online sites need clicks to gain advertisers. Since advertisers want to know that you have strong traffic, many sites will use any method necessary to get those clicks. Regardless of whether we share it for an “eye-roll” or a “wtf”, they get what they wanted.

The internet is killing fandom. Like a lot.

Here is the other thing. If you use logic, why would Disney be the only one that would close their comic division? DC Comics is now owned by AT&T. That is more corporate than Disney. Given the way they treat their film comic properties, they would be more likely to shutdown DC before Marvel does. What am I think of using logic on the internet?

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