Cobra Kai: Season Two Clip – What Kind of Cobra

For those of you that remember the ending of the first season of Cobra Kai, you may notice that Johnny wasn’t happy with how his team performed. In a new Cobra Kai: Season Two clip, Johnny has a score to settle with both Miguel and Hawk. Much to their surprise, Johnny calls them out for being cheaters. Lest we forget that Johnny was forced to cheat when he went up against Daniel in the original film.

Just a quick recap (in case you forgot), Hawk was suspended for unsportsman like conduct when he attacked him opponent from behind. If you rewatch the finale, you can see Johnny is being a bit concerned about how Hawk behaved. To add insult to injury, Miguel goes up against an injured Robbie for the championship. However, in a dirty move, Miguel exploited Robby’s injury to win the tournament. Forever damaging the relationship he could’ve had with his son.

After the win, you could see that winning for Johnny didn’t mean a whole lot. It seemed that he had created a dojo that was designed to make weaker kids badasses, he turned them into what Daniel had always said Cobra Kai was.

It was surprising to see Johnny call them out in the latest Cobra Kai: Season Two clip. By the looks on Miguel and Hawk’s face, you can see they are puzzled for being punished for winning. Something that Johnny really wanted. This is a good indication that Johnny is going to be going through a personal crisis: does he want to be his own man or like his old sensei, Kreese.

Knowing that Kreese shows up at the end of the first season, not to mention featured in the trailer, Johnny is going to have to figure out what Cobra Kai is. A winner, which is badass. Or, a place for kids that are bullied learn to be badass.

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