Cobra Kai Season Two Trailer and Premiere Date

As was teased on Twitter yesterday, Cobra Kai didn’t disappoint. After the “holy shit” moment at the end of season one, Kreese (Martin Kove) returns to make sure Johnny meets his destiny. The trailer for Cobra Kai season two picks up right where the season one finale left off. Johnny and Daniel’s war turns into a gang turf, showing how something with good intentions can go extremely bad.

While season one gave us more of an emotional connection with Johnny, making Daniel more of the dick, the second season illustrates how thing get racked up a notch. With Kreese’s influence, Johnny turns Cobra Kai into the merciless group of thugs that we encountered in the 1984 film. Daniel brings back Miyagi-Do to counter the kick ass approach of Johnny.

Miguel seems to be the new Johnny of this 21st century Cobra Kai while Samantha and Robbie work with Daniel. There will be a lot of confrontations between the two clans. However, Daniel uses the approach Johnny used in season one to teach kids karate without the anger and aggression. Johnny seems to have some issues with Kreese’s presence in his dojo.

cobra kai season two
How can this not go bad?

Cobra Kai season two will drop on April 24, which will allow you to spend the day binging on the whole season. In case you forgot, it will be time to re-up with YouTube Premium for that one month to pay for the service, then dump it. Or, maybe sign up for the free trial and watch both season during that time, then cancel it until next season.

On a side note, I cheered a little too hard when I heard Kreese instruct the student to “finish him”. Very much reminiscent of the original film. Trust me, I wasn’t too keen on the idea in the beginning. However, after hearing rave reviews from people I trust, I ended up binging the entire first season in five hours. They are 30-minute episodes. There is no mercy in this dojo.

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