Cobra Kai: Season Two – Two Dojos, One Fight

April is a huge month. Yes, we have Avengers: Endgame coming out at the end of the month. Although, if you are a fan of a certain dojo – April 24th is a huge day. Cobra Kai: Season Two is expected to drop on YouTube Premium. On Thursday, YouTube released the official trailer for the second season. The trailer is a hard, blast of conflict.

As we expected, the second season picks up right in the final moments of season one. The reunion of John Kreese (Martin Kove) and Johnny Lawerance doesn’t go exactly well. Primarily because he replies with, “I thought you were dead.” Next shot, we get Kreese sending Johnny into a giant mirror. Daniel is hell bent on destroying Cobra Kai. He’s so passionate about it that he is opening up Myagi Do Karate with his only student, Robby.

Cobra Kai has become increasingly popular with the all-valley- championship win and is taking over Miguel’s school. It is so pervasive that Samantha LaRusso joins her father’s dojo to counter-act the cult like environment of school. Even Hawk and Miguel’s former friend joins Daniel’s dojo. Eventually, it leads to an all-out brawl in the food court of a mall.

Miguel, still slighted from his break-up with Sam, finds a new girl, Tory. Apparently, that leads to some seriously bad blood between Tory and Sam. From the glimpses we see, they are fighting in the food court and in school. Hawk is becoming more like Johnny from the past. Kreese seeing something in him is trying to become a mentor. This leads Johnny into a conflict with Kreese.

Of course, the biggest thrill was seeing Johnny and Daniel face off. This appears to be a final showdown between the two. As excited as I am for Endgame, I am really looking forward to Cobra Kai: Season Two, which drops in about three weeks. The end of the month is going to get really busy.


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