Comic Preview: Justice League #23


To borrow a phrase, shit has gotten real in the pages of DC Comics’ Trinity War event that will lead into Villains Month that begins in September. Now, if you know about the spoiler ending that Geoff Johns revealed in promoting for Villains Month, you know this final issue of Trinity War is going to leave the DC Universe changed.

Tomorrow is the conclusion of the event that will lead into the Villains Month and we know not all will end well for all three Justice League teams. Pandora’s Box has infected Superman, Wonder Woman and Shazam and what is there left to do.

Here is the preview of Justice League #23 that concludes the Trinity War. If you want to hear more about the series, in case you haven’t been following it, you can listen to our comic book podcast In The Ink on Thursday to see why you need to be reading it.


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