Comic Preview: Justice League Dark #22


One of the biggest events going on in the DC Universe is the Trinity War, which is spanning across all the Justice League titles (Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark). While I am a big fan of both Justice League and Justice League Dark, I can’t bring myself to get into JLA all that much.

While we all know the event is designed to get people to buy all three titles each month like Marvel has done with everything with the work Avengers on it. However, the Trinity War has been doing really well for them and been an interesting story.

CBR offers an unlettered preview of next month’s Justice League Dark #23, which has the various Leagues fragmenting and as the murder of a fellow hero is solved, they begin to look for those responsible, but the line begins to blur between justice and vengeance. The issue hits shelves on August 21st.


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