Community Season 5 Will See a Return of John Oliver


The final season of oddball comedy series Community will see a return of one of its most memorable actors, John Oliver. Oliver will step back into the role of professor Ian Duncan in a story arc that will span multiple episodes.

John Oliver is best known for his role in The Daily Show and (for me anyway) the PSA in the beginning of the Doctor Who Blu-ray’s telling you why it’s not cool to download movies illegally. Oliver won’t be the only one with outside star power (aside from the usual cast of course) with Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks, Children’s Hospital’s Rob Corddry and Justified’s Walton Goggins all set to make appearances during the final season.

Season 5 has been confirmed as the last season of the series, with returning creator Dan Harmon to work alongside executive producer Chris McKenna. The anticipation for Harmon’s return is paramount here with his absence of the lackluster season 4 felt by many fans. Now with Oliver coming back as well, it looks like Community will be going out with a bang.

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