Conspiracy Theorist in the ‘Age of Bullshit’

On our blog and our podcast, we have always found conspiracy theorist humorous, but at the same token a bit dangerous. One of the best ways to reveal just how insane conspiracy theorist are is to let them talk amongst themselves. I recently discovered The Jim Jefferies Show from Comedy Central. I always found him to be funny and enlightening.

Many “Americans” hate people from other countries talking about our issues because “they are foreigners and don’t like America!” The real reason no one from “Murica” like Jim Jefferies or Trevor Noah is because they are foreigners and can call us on our shit.

Jefferies in an episode earlier this month, wanted to talk about the age of bullshit we currently live in. So, he masterfully got together a group of conspiracy theorist to discuss some of the biggest bullshit theories on the planet. Everything from flat Earth to dinosaurs being fake. He manages to entertain them with a bit of sarcasm that is a bit to high-brow for them to realize.

One of the best pieces of this shit show is Jeremy claiming that we will meet Jesus in space, as well as Jefferies’ ability to immediately shut down a Holocaust denier. You can even see among these theorists that there is no real agreement. Some of the insanely ridiculous comments like, “they have a website” to “dinosaur bones are fake” make it entertaining to watch.

Yet, at the same token, it should frighten you. Many people in the mainstream media are discussing these topics because they have been made the norm. From people like Alex Jones, anti-vaxxers, holocaust deniers, and even our president, there is no limit to our ability for personal bullshit. Instead of listening to science, whether you like it or not, it should be followed. Unfortunately, as Jefferies says, they are only looking for their truth.

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