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I know we’ve made a bunch of promises on this site, but one of the promises that we have always tried to keep was a brand new podcast when we said there would be. After the last two weeks, Adam took some time off to welcome is new baby into the world. This past weekend, we were set to record our 86th podcast for you all but that failed to materialize.

I love the podcast. I am sure I don’t speak for myself but I love doing the podcast every week for you guys. I know we have some dedicated listeners and not producing one when we said we will makes me feel like I let them down in a way. The reason I am going into this is because we may not be able to bring you a new “Lazy Geeks Podcast” for some time. I hope it isn’t too long but it could be a while.

However, I have an alternative for no podcasts in the future. I am working on a project that was designed to run parallel to the regular podcast and be released as a “The Lazy Geeks Presents” podcast. The object of the new podcast was to talk with friends, family and other people about being a movie geek and various topics regarding all different types of films.

It was originally designed to be a round table discussion about films and genres that tickled our fancy. However, it started to take a shape of its own to include loving a film everyone hates, guilty movie pleasures and discussing a movie we have literally just seen. It is a lot of fun and it’s just about a couple of people getting together to talk about movies. I would be the regular host and the guests would change from week to week.

The podcast will be called Crash Test Movie Dummies and we will release the first podcast next Monday. I plan to record many of them so I can have a catalogue of podcasts to have for you every week. When the original podcast returns, which I hope is soon, I will create its own iTunes account and you can subscribe to that one.

For now, if you are interested in giving it a chance, what do you need to do? If you subscribe to our podcast already, there is nothing you need to do. It will be released via the same RSS feed on iTunes or on your RSS feeder. Otherwise, you can check it out on the website next Monday and I hope you all give it a chance and support it. We hope to have The Lazy Geeks Podcast back soon, but until then I hope you will enjoy this in its place.

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