Critic Groups Fighting Back Against Disney and Wins

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It seems that Disney is facing some backlash for banning The Los Angeles Times due to a story that they didn’t agree with. The Television Critics Association has joined the growing list of journalists that are looking to place a little punishment of their own against Disney. The TCA executive board issued a statement Tuesday morning, according to Deadline.

“The Television Critics Association understands that screeners and coverage opportunities are a privilege and not a right,” wrote TCA President Daniel J. Fienberg. “But we condemn any circumstance in which a company takes punitive action against journalists for doing their jobs.”

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the New York Film Critics Circle, the Boston Society of Film Critics and the National Society of Film Critics denounced the media giant’s actions. The votes to disqualify Disney films from year-end awards consideration until the ban is lifted.

“Disney’s actions, which include an indefinite ban on any interaction with the Times, are antithetical to the principles of a free press and set a dangerous precedent in a time of already heightened hostility toward journalists,” the critics wrote in a joint statement.

The reason for this blow-up was a story published in The Los Angeles Times about Disney paying their fair share to the city of Anaheim. Disney found the article biased and decided to ban critics from viewing their films. Disney was hoping to hurt the LA Times during award season as well as their big winter movies including Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Within minutes of posting this entry, Disney announced that they would be lifting their ban on The Los Angeles Times. They issued this statement:

“We’ve had productive discussions with the newly installed leadership at The Los Angeles Times regarding our specific concerns,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “And as a result, we’ve agreed to restore access to advance screenings for their film critics.”