DC Universe Reveals Stargirl at WonderCon

First off, if you haven’t been checking out DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, you are living life wrong. We have been talking about it every week on The Lazy Geeks podcast. Yeah, I’ve heard Titans got better as it went on, which I am willing to give it a shot. At WonderCon, DC Universe reveals Stargirl. With their new shows, this is one of those where I’m willing to give it a shot.

DC Universe, DC Comics’ streaming and digital reading platform, is expanding its live-action shows. The newest show on the roster is Stargirl, created by veteran comic writer Geoff Johns. A first look at the heroine-led series was revealed at the con but later on social media.

Stargirl is the superhero identity of high school student Courtney Whitmore, stepdaughter of the Star-Spangled Kid. Yeah, I know. But, you gotta get over the names. The character has made appearances in television before, portrayed by Britt Irvine in Smallville and by Sarah Grey in the CW’s Arrowverse’s Legends of Tomorrow. Courtney also appeared in another DC Universe property, Young Justice: Outsiders, in which she’s seen briefly as the host of Goode World Studios.

This new live-action series, though, will be the first time Stargirl is front and center of her own show. Nickelodeon actress Brec Bassinger is starring as Courtney Whitmore. The show, which Johns will also oversee as showrunner, will have her partner up with heroes in the Justice Society of America and battle villains from both the past and present.

As we have seen nothing else from the show, it’s hard to tell if the tone will be lighter than the other DC fare. Stargirl will arrive to DC Universe in 2020, joining Doom Patrol, and Titans. Swamp Thing has been announced to premiere on May 31, 2019. DC Universe has a 7-day trial and I recommend checking it out.


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