DC’s Variant Covers to Focus on Art

DC Comics is introducing changes to its variant covers by removing the title’s logo while putting an emphasis on the cover art.

These changes will debut on the variant covers for Batman #45 (illustrated by Jim Lee) and Nightwing #44 (illustrated by John Romita, Jr.).

Additional changes also see the title and creative team credits decreased in size and moved to the bottom of the cover, with a slimmed down UPC box to its left. Not having these items found at the top of covers allows for a better showcase of the artist’s work, which is typically the reason why consumers purchase variant covers.

DC unveiled a new cover design in November 2017 to take the place of the Rebirth banner. The corner now box provides information about the issue number, price and rating. Each box also features the emblem of the starring hero or superhero group. So, Superman comics sport his iconic “S,” Batman comics display the telltale Bat-Signal and Green Arrow now has, well, an arrow.

Batman #45 is slated for release on April 18, with Nightwing #44 following the next month on May 2.

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