DirecTV Now To Increase Prices

When doing your research about streaming services, in the event that you wish to cut the cord, all of the say one thing: DirecTV Now sucks. Now, to be fair, their actual satellite service is pretty good but expensive. It’s like the Verizon of television services. Since AT&T has taken over, it’s no surprise that they will be upping the price of their service by $10. Oh, they are also adding HBO to all packages.

Some people may be okay with that, given that HBO runs about $15 as an add-on. But, is it worth getting channels removed? Cord Cutters noted that the amount of channels will be changed. The first package, DirecTV Now Plus, will offer more than 40 channels, including HBO, for $50 per month. The second package, DirecTV Now Max, boasts more than 50 channels (also including HBO) for $70 per month. Both price tiers are $10 more per month than what current DirecTV Now subscribers pay. DirecTV Now subscribers will be alerted to the price hike on March 12th, and the change will take effect on April 12th.

Current DirecTV Now customers will be able to keep their current package. However, the $10 a month price hike starting on their next bill. According to their sources as long as they stay subscribed, they will be able to keep their current DirecTV Now package.

This may not sit well, as will the negative reviews, with many customers. However, AT&T has always made it clear that it hates its customer base. Currently, YouTube TV still offers over 60 channels for $40/month. To be honest, I would get YouTube TV and add-on the HBO Now app for $15. That will give you $5 over DirecTV Now’s price, but you will get 20 more channels than they offer.

Some may be wondering why they are offering HBO for free on their service, it’s because they own it now. DirecTV, Warner Bros., and HBO are all owned by AT&T now. It is remains to be seen just how much they will bundle to their service just to get viewers. It will be only a matter of time before DC’s streaming service to appear on their service.

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