Disney Pulling Monsters Inc., Star Wars and Other to Streaming Service

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It was revealed late this past summer that Disney was going to begin offering a streaming service. They did mention that they would mine some of their franchises to produce original content. Unlike CBS All Access, Disney has a wealth of material that will drive subscribers to their service.

The service, which is expected to drop in 2019, must get content ready for launch date. Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger revealed on Thursday that they are considering a live-action Star Wars television series, as well as TV adaptations of Monsters Inc, and a possible reboot of their High School Musical franchise.

The edge Disney has over all the other studios turning content creators, they have name recognition. Not only will they be offering the previously mentioned content, but a new Marvel series is being discussed for their service. Disney, with their stable of content, could prove to be the only true rival for Netflix.

However, the price and size of their initial content will be the tipping point. Many services have capped their price point at $10 to $12, higher prices for 4K resolution. Not to mention with Disney looking into Fox film and television properties, they could stand to make a killing even if the price was slightly higher. Not to mention the Disney brand commands higher quality content.

Even with the announcement of these projects, there is yet to see how fall along these projects are. With a little over a year before launch, it will be interesting to see what Disney can put together for their new audience. However, constant new content is key. CBS All Access has that trouble with Star Trek Discovery being their winner with more than a year between seasons.