Disney’s The Mandalorian At Work On Season Two

Disney’s The Mandalorian is still months away from its premiere, but that isn’t stopping plans for round two. Jon Favreau told Collider that he’s already in pre-production for a second season of the live action Star Wars show, including writing and preparation for special effects shots. While this is as much about saving time as anything (it’s tricky to produce quality effects on a TV schedule, Favreau said), it does show that Disney has confidence in the series.

The move isn’t completely shocking. The Mandalorian is a tentpole show for Disney+, and may have to carry the streaming service until Disney fleshes out its catalog of originals — so long as the first season held promise, a second was a reasonably safe bet.

In an even more logical route, Disney most likely had already planned for a two-season initial pick-up, reasonable to retain their actors for multiple season and to give the creative team time to tell a complete story.

It is possible that Favreau may have pitched a two-season story arc. Yeah, it is a safe bet that Disney gave it a two-season order to establish a more consistent release schedule unlike series on services like Netflix or Amazon. Disney knows that fans will want something consistent, so already getting a series out on a year schedule before their Marvel shows are ready.

It wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see Disney take this approach on many – if not all – their original shows coming to the service in the next couple of years. Similar to what Netflix did in their original series. Once original content begins getting churned out, they will go forward with series on a single season approach.

Although, it is possible that anything Marvel, or Star Wars is a sure thing that people will view. Regardless of whether the reviews are of the show, people will tune in to see what it looks like. You can feel safe to invest in Disney’s The Mandalorian.

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