DIY GameCube Joy-Cons is the Thing

Having been a fan of Nintendo for a long time, I always believed that the Nintendo GameCube never got the praise it deserved.  Believe me, I still pull it out to give Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, and Robotech for a spin. But when Nintendo dropped their Switch, I always felt it was a missed opportunity in regards to their infamous Joy-Cons. It was a perfect time to make some DIY GameCube Joy-Cons.

Don’t be too upset about this realization. Fortunately for all of the world, mod creator Shank made it a reality. He torn apart a Wavebird wireless controller and turned into a pair of Joy-Cons. It shares nearly all the functionality of the official controllers, including the tiny shoulder buttons used for shared-screen multiplayer (it’s as awkward as you’d expect, Shank said). About the only thing missing is infrared.

This dude even created a center piece that lets you reconnect both sides into a single controlled that is the original size of the controller. Fucking brilliant.

The creator expects to provide CAD files for those who want to attempt their own mods. This isn’t for the faint of heart, though. Shank cautioned that a lot more was involved than simply cutting a controller in two and shoving the Joy-Con electronics inside. He had to add missing buttons, modify others (the shoulder buttons needed a new feel to reflect the all-digital input) and introduce a host of 3D-printed support structures, in addition to grappling with electrical challenges. Even getting that GameCube-style indigo color required an extensive painting process.

Shank claims that it is a “huge step up” from the standard Joy-Cons. If your DIY skills are on point, this may be the way to go. For me, I’ll wait until someone decides to create these for sale and purchase them that way. Between being lazy and woke, I’ll lean lazy each and every time.

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