Doctor Who Flux Trailer Drops for New Season

Over the weekend, a trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who was dropped. The season was changed early on due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to maintain the integrity of the show, and keep the crew safe, they had to reimagine the season. One of which was reducing the order of the thirteenth season from 12 to 6. Doctor Who Flux trailer gives us a good look as to what we can expect.

“We’ve been able to do all the things we normally do in terms of character interactions,” showrunner Chris Chibnall told Doctor Who Magazine. “But behind the scenes it’s been incredibly difficult for everyone. Everybody’s had to reimagine their job. We’ve had to reimagine what the show is, and how you make it.”

As we’ve seen with many productions, working in the age of Covid is a different experience. That isn’t a bad thing, but this forced production to focus on a singular story arc. Something they have avoided in the past seasons.

“We’re starting at the level you’d normally see in a finale, with cataclysmic events,” Chibnall says. “It’s a very different type of opening episode. In fact it’s hard to think of one that’s similar in the show’s history.”

Doctor Who Flux will be Whitaker’s last full season.

While this season is the last complete season with Jodie Whitaker as the Doctor, Yas and newcomer Dan Lewis will be along for the ride.

As the new Doctor Who Flux trailer was released, Whitaker revealed that she has already filmed her regeneration scene. Which isn’t unusual for her since she never met Peter Capaldi when they regenerated.

“We filmed some scenes, but the new Doctor wasn’t there. I wasn’t there for Peter [Capaldi], and I only met him months later when I passed him in the street!”

We still have some time until that scene appears in sometime late 2022. Once the season starts, we can most likely see who the new Doctor will be for Russell T. Davies.