Doctor Who Review: ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth

The eleventh season of Doctor Who came crashing from the sky yesterday. With its global simulcast, which is lost on some people, debuted at 10:45 am on the west coast, the world was let in on the new adventures of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whitaker. After Peter Capaldi’s Doctor said goodbye last Christmas, the world has been waiting to see how the new Doctor would measure. Short answer: just fine.

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“The Woman Who Fell to Earth” has the Doctor falling to Earth after being sucked out at the end of the Christmas special. While it takes about ten minutes for the Doctor to appear, the episode wastes no time getting the story and this incarnation going. It pulls nothing from previous episodes, while offering some Easter eggs for long time fans.

The companions (or inadvertent companions) are a small cross section of humanity, but come with deep rooted personal issues. Ryan Sinclair, who is diagnosed with a coordination disorder, is struggling with his deep seeded issues with his grandma being remarried. Yasmin Khan is a young police officer that feels she could be doing more in life than being a parking enforcement officer. Then there’s Graham O’Brien. He’s married to Ryan’s grandma, who is afraid of getting too involved that could lead to someone getting hurt.

Social Justice Doctor Who

Some racists, or purist, will look at the racially diverse cast as a social justice warrior’s wet dream. Unfortunately for them, the United Kingdom is as racially diverse (or more so) than the United States. Eventually, they are going to need to depict reality and not some neo-nazi’s vision of utopia. Same goes for the misogynist that can’t get over having a female Doctor. Many of the people claiming to boycott are people that haven’t seen an episode ever. So, this will definitely keep them away.

Yet, after 55 years of white guys saving the universe, you think there’s a moment a woman can do it? It is amazing that this day in age, we have people that can’t handle a gender switch for an iconic role. It would almost seem that they don’t believe women can play a vital part in the creation of society. At the same time, people will complain about how the Doctor is a bit of Smith, Tennant, and Baker. Now, we have one with no equal. Suck on that for a moment.

Back to the Episode

Doctor Who manages to jump into the new adventure and not dwell in the regeneration. They spend only a moment on that fact that she is a woman to respond, “does it suit me?” Whitaker manages to bring the fun of being the Doctor with some quirks from previous entries. The major difference of this incarnation is where’s the TARDIS?

As the season has been promised to not bring back many (if not any) previous villains, this is a great jumping off point. It is time to have a female Doctor that young girls can get into. A new role model for them. It has some creeps, chills, but Whitaker brings in the fun. Doctor Who is off to a big, new start and everyone should jump on for the ride.

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