Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks Trailer

Since it was announced earlier in 2020, Revolution of the Daleks has been lingering in ambiguity for a long time. We knew it was coming but never knew when. Granted, there were lots of more important things going on after that. Australia on fire. Kobe Bryant dying. A global pandemic. Oh, and the future of the United States.  

The trailer for the upcoming special was released on Sunday, as well as a release date. It was unclear as to whether it would come out around Christmas or New Year’s Day. Well, it will be another New Year’s Day special. The British government decided to use Daleks as their national defense, but it turns on them. Because we didn’t see that coming.  

But the Doctor isn’t around 

She is still locked away in that prison that we saw at the end of the season. Who will save humanity? Her companions and the Captain. Captain Jack Harkness returns to help save the world. After being teased in the previous season, Captain Jack helps the companions to save Earth.  

Having not seen Captain Jack since the last series of Torchwood and David Tenent’s final episode, it will be nice to see him back in action again. It is rare that characters created by certain showrunners return during new runs. Rose Tyler was created by Russell T. Davies, as was Captain Jack by both Davies and Stephen Moffat.  

With Wonder Woman 1984, dropping on Christmas Day, it made a lot of sense that the series would want to skip that. You can catch up on all the latest seasons of Doctor Who which is exclusively on HBO Max. So many are hating on the female Doctor, claiming SJW or poor writing. Since it’s mostly men, you have to go to the underlying issue: it’s a woman. 

If you don’t care, you can watch the Revolution of the Daleks trailer to your heart’s content until New Year’s Day. See, 2021 is off to a good start.