Doctor Who Season 13 Shows New Companion

If you almost forgot that the San Diego Comic-Con was this past weekend, you weren’t the only one. One of the panels was the Doctor Who panel which discussed the upcoming 13th season. The panel, also, released the Doctor Who season 13 trailer.

The upcoming season, slated for release later this year, is still in production. The upcoming season was shortened due to the pandemic to eight episodes.

Doctor Who season 13 trailer has a lot going on.

The panel featured Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and new companion John Bishop. He was announced at the end of the holiday special. He replaces previous companions Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh). It picks up from the end of “Revolution of the Daleks.”

“If I could tell my younger self that one day, I would be asked to step onboard the TARDIS, I would never have believed it,” Bishop said. “It’s an absolute dream come true to be joining Doctor Who, and I couldn’t wish for better company than Jodie and Mandip.”

“Before we started making it, there were times when we thought we were going to be unable to do the show under Covid conditions this year… there were two ways you could go,” executive producer Chris Chibnall said. “You could go ‘let’s do lots of tiny little episodes in one room, with no monsters,’ or we could throw down the gauntlet and do the biggest story we’ve ever done. We’re going to go to all kinds of different places, we’re going to have all kinds of characters and monsters, and it’s all going to be part of a bigger whole. It’s definitely the most ambitious thing we’ve done since we’ve been on the series.”

There is no firm release date for the abbreviated season, but it is expected out later this year. Then we can find out if this will be Whittaker’s final season.