Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser Trailer Drops

On Friday night, Adam mentioned that Twitter was going nuts. “What was it this time?”, I replied. All the Doctor Who social media accounts went dark. We both chuckled. The internet is so funny. Many clamored in self-prophesying delight, the BBC canceled Doctor Who. Like we have been saying since 2016.  We knew something was going to drop. As predicted, the Doctor Who season 13 teaser dropped.

The last big news was that Russell T. Davies is retuning to Who in 2023. At the 60th anniversary of the franchise. Many forgot, including myself, that the New York Comic-Con was going on. During a pandemic, stuff like these slips past you. Oh, and a release date was announced: October 31, 2021.

The teaser was just that: a tease. It featured the Doctor talking to the audience letting us know the Flux is coming. The Sontarans, the Ravengers, and the Weeping Angels will be coming. As you can see in the background, Yaz and the new companion already in tow.

Doctor Who season 13 begins on Halloween.

Knowing that this truncated season (due to Covid) will begin the journey of the end, has a new sense of excitement. Jodie Whitaker is leaving the role after four specials coming in 2022. This will allow Davies a clean slate to take the franchise into it’s sixtieth anniversary.

While much of the fandom is toxic, I enjoyed this Doctor. However, much of the fandom is toxic. Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and many others. They are trying to take the joy out of our favorite shows with their political awareness. Putting meaning into anything they can. While the 10th Doctor is my Doctor, I still enjoy all the other performances.

Doctor Who season 13 will be fun. I plan to enjoy it as it was intended. You know, entertainment.

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