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As we said in last week’s show, The Lazy Geeks are offering an incentive-based donation structure. It is similar to a Patreon structure, but we won’t offer any extra content. Unless the donation incentives gets to a point that we are offering new content as a bonus. Currently, we don’t have a strong structure to warrant the extra work for little reward.

donation incentive

The structure will be as such. It’s important to remember that whatever level you choose above the $1 level, you will be eligible to all the bonuses beneath that. Meaning that if you choose to donate $30, you can choose the main story. Also, you would be eligible to get a “sponsor” option, and a “thank you” at the end of the month. The structure will follow:

  • Donations of a $1 or more will receive a thank you at the end of the month.
  • Donations of $15 or more, you will be a “sponsor” of a particular episode. You will be able to write your own sponsor ad. It could be a total self-promotion ad. For your own blog, business, podcast, or whatever it may be. Adam and I will record it.
  • Donations $30 or more, you can choose our main story. We will give an honest debate about whatever you want. Which is better Marvel or DC? Star Wars or Star Trek? Is AR Pornhub close to happening?
  • Donations of $100 or more, you can be a co-host on an episode. You just need access to Skype and be available to record on a Sunday night.

We are hoping to make The Lazy Geeks as more of a community that just the two of us. We are adding content to our shows to make it more inclusive of various elements of our likes. We hope these donation incentives help. So, we are doing shows that allow us to have fun. It seems that we are moving further from the hour long shows and moving into the 90-minute episodes. Kinda like our old shows of the past.

Again, if you cannot given us monetary help, you can always share the show on social media. Write reviews of the show wherever you get the show. This will help spread the word and algorithms will feature us in more direct ways. So, please help us out.

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Thanks for listening to our show. We appreciate all the help you can give us. Just click on the donation link above, or on the right of the page. Thanks again.

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