Donation: We Need Your Help

When we started the podcast/website back in 2010, we always thought that we could start up a donation page. However, the costs for the show in the beginning was relatively low. Unfortunately, over the last seven-and-a-half years, costs for podcast hosting, web hosting, internet, services for editing, and other things have made an impact on our monthly costs. So, we have come to ask for donations.

Some have asked why we haven’t started a Patreon page first. There are several reasons why. Most importantly, we don’t have a huge volume of listeners that would constitute starting a Patreon. The amount of extra work involved to do one would be far more than the money we took in. We are an independent show that doesn’t have much money to devote to advertising or sponsors. That has made an impact on us.

Secondly, our fanbase is not as active as those on other shows. We do received the random emails, Instagram comments, or cool notes but they don’t happen on a regular basis. Without the feedback, we completely crave for the future of the series, it seems that we are left to figure it out on our own. We have begun other shows and ended them based on numbers and our feelings, as opposed to listener feedback.

The fact that we have not developed a big or loyal fanbase (with the exception of a few that are constantly talking to us), it is beginning to show us that maybe the end is coming soon. That is the reason we choose at episode 300 to change the direction of the show. Make it shorter. Take it back to the original. Focus on one show.

At certain points in our series, we have mentioned that we do the show for ourselves. At this point it feels that The Lazy Geeks Podcast is a show that is aimed to give Adam and I something to do on a Sunday night. However, we could always find something else to do. We are hoping we are wrong in this interpretation, but we have nothing to think otherwise.

We are closing into the beginning of our eighth year of the show, well on our way to episode 400. There is an agreement in place for us, that if we don’t feel a growth in the show, we could be done in the next year or so. This is where we need your help. Feedback but donations would be helpful. Spread the news about the show if you really like us. We seriously need your help. If we don’t get any help, we could be done within the next few months. I hope that isn’t the case, and we would like to continue it. We hope you guys will help us out. Please.

For donations, you can click the button on the top right corner of the page. There is no set amount required, so please donate whatever you feel is necessary. We hope this will help some of you be a better part of our lives for the past eight years and hopefully more. So keep on listening and get our word out there.



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