Don’t Vote, Don’t Bitch

I have a philosophy – don’t vote, don’t bitch. Yet, we’ve all heard these remarks: It’s the most important election of your life. This election will dictate our future. It’s all bullshit. It is. It’s bullshit because every election should be the most important election of our lives. Yeah, they may not be glamorous or sexy. Then again, when are elections ever are?

You always hear that more people voted for American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and Who’s Dick Is Bigger than the last eighty elections combined. Okay, I may be exaggerating but that doesn’t matter. In some parallel world, it is true. The problem is that elections are done that way. Politicians know that only hardcore base voters will vote in every election. That’s why they make elections about something silly. Watch and tell me what this ad is about?

Did you guess it? Obviously, they are trying to convince you to vote for a bill that would repair roads and infrastructure. Sounds pretty dire, huh? What would you think if I told you that was an ad for a repeal of a gas tax initiative?

People want good stuff for free

In California, Proposition 6 is about the repeal of a gas tax. The gas tax was voted on by the legislature and not by the voters. It was signed into law and was going to use proceeds to repair aging roads and infrastructure. These costs were passed onto the voters via higher prices at the pump. Problem is that we already have rules like that on the books. In addition, Prop 6 would require that any future tax on gas would require voter approval.

So you can see where the misdirection comes in. It claims that it has to deal with repairing our roads and shit. Which isn’t a lie. It does, as a result of a gas tax. I mean, who wants to run an ad that says you can save all our roads and infrastructure, but you have to pay for it.

Then, of course, there’s Proposition 10.

The major issue is this ad is for rent control. If you have ever heard how expensive it is to live in California, it’s true. Everything is adjacent. If you live in a major city, it is a way for renters to charge more for a normally not-so expensive spot. This lovely studio is $1500 a month. Normally, it wouldn’t be worth $350, but it is Hollywood adjacent. Why adjacent? Because there is a no actual legal definition to determine what qualifies as adjacent.

The rent is just too damn high

Basically, if you lived in Portland, Oregon, and they wanted to charge you more for rent, they could. All they need to say is that this place is Seattle, Washington adjacent. While they tell you certain groups oppose this, what they don’t tell you is who sponsors those “No” ads.

California Business Properties Association, California Mortgage Bankers, National Association of Home Builders, Beverly Hills/Greater L.A. Association of Realtors, and California Apartment Association. These are the businesses that rent you properties! The ones that are in charge of how much your rent should go up. Gee, I wonder why they wouldn’t want this bill.

It isn’t important to take these initiatives at face value. If you watch these commercials on television, pause the TV and see who is actually responsible for the ads. Do your homework. Read the voter information guide. Remember, those politicians – the ones we claim to hate – know you’re dumb. In fact, they count on it. We aren’t all know-it-alls like our president.
Yes, elections aren’t sexy. But they are important. Especially, local and state initiatives. They will directly impact your life, and have more immediate consequences. If you hate the way your city, state, or federal government is run, then vote. If you hate the way it is but don’t do anything about it – shut the fuck up. As I said before: don’t vote, don’t bitch.

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