The CW’s Arrowverse crossover has completed production in the last couple of weeks. One of the biggest surprises is that Superman would be joining the event. Early on it was adopted by the CW that their Superman would be based on the original Richard Donner version. Now, it seems we have a bit of confirmation on that.

Tyler Hoechlin returns for his caped cameo and series newcomer Elizabeth Tulloch arrives as the famed reporter. Both of them posed for a new behind-the-scenes image today, teasing the upcoming crossover.

Much has been teased about The CW’s upcoming Elseworlds crossover. Which arrives sooner than you think, starting December 9th. However, one of the most anticipated moments is seeing Superman/Clark Kent and his lady love Lois Lane together on screen for the first time in the network’s Arrowverse.

Why is this cool?

Many, including myself, seem to like the homage to Richard Donner’s vision of the character. Yet, some online don’t “get it”, I’m looking at your i09. To me, it just encapsulates what the man of steel can look like in the real world. While Henry Cavill did a fine job, he didn’t have the alter ego quite right.

Christopher Reeves claimed that he always loved being Clark Kent rather than Superman. That was the challenge as an actor. Remember, he was Superman pretending to be Clark Kent. Not the other way around. That is what makes it amazing. Not to mention, the original Superman is the pinnacle of an origin movie of any comic book character. Yes, including Batman.

The three-way crossover, featuring the combined casts of The FlashArrow, and Supergirl, heads to Gotham City. Where they will team-up with Batwoman (Ruby Rose). Cassandra Jean Amell has also been cast as Nora Fries, the wife of famous Bat-villain Mr. Freeze. It’s a month away.