Endgame Box Office Crushes All Remaining Records

You can always tell when it’s either a slow news week, or some sites need clicks, when blogs start talking about a new movie breaking $300 million during its opening weekend. Somehow figuring that they know the dynamics of the movie-going public. The problem is that many of those sites that claim to be covering entertainment don’t exactly understand how it really works. So, when Avengers: Endgame box office was questioned, some sites were running articles about if they could break $200 million, and they figured out how.

As if somehow they knew the secret of movie ticket sales, plus do to the 3-hour running time. Obviously, they somehow felt vindicated when news of the $1.2 billion global box office, and the $350 million domestic haul, made the rounds on Sunday morning. Obviously, we will have to wait for the official numbers to come out, but seldom do they track downward after the announcement. Box Office Mojo had a breakdown of the Endgame box office records:


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