Esai Morales Joins 17th Precinct

Esai morales

It appears that Ron Moore isn’t done bring back some of his BSG alum. Esai Morales, who played Commander Adama’s father in the defunct SyFy series Caprica, is reteaming with him for the new series, 17th Precinct.

Morales’ character will be playing the second-in–command on the police force, headed by Eamonn Walker’s character. The cast already has Stockard Channing, Jaimie Bamber,  Tricia Helfer, James Callis,  Matt Long and Kristin Kreuk.

All they need now is to bring Katee Sackoff and Eward James Olmos and you will have the entire sci-fi community tuning in for this BSG reunion show. I would be one of them.

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