The Extended Play Movie Podcast #72: The Blues Brothers

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As we kick off our third season of The Extended Play Movie Podcast, it was important to jump back into the years of movies. After coming off the various holiday entries, it was important to start the series off a bit light. Hence, that is why we launch our third season with The Blues Brothers. This will mark John Landis’ third entry in our series after The Kentucky Fried Movie and Animal House.

The film itself is as much of an absurd comedy as it is a high-concept musical. Boasting performances by Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Ray Charles, it is the absurdity of the film that propels this into comedic history.

The Blues Brothers marks the first attempt at taking a Saturday Night Live sketch and turned it into a feature film. It is important to note that Lorne Michaels had no official involvement in the film. Dan Ackroyd and John Landis worked on the script, which was a huge two-part motion picture. Also, an interesting side note, Carrie Fisher was the guest on the episode that first introduced The Blues Brothers.

The film laughs at the face of normalcy with over-the-top chases. Absurd plot devices. As well as the reactionless pair of characters that make you believe that this was their normal existence. While Ackroyd and John Belushi lead this cast, it is the outstanding performances of the supporting cast that makes the film work, even when it shouldn’t.
Let us not forget the small cameos of directors in this film. Did you catch Frank Oz’s second cameo with John Landis? His first was during the filming of Trading Places. Oh, and did you catch Steven Spielberg’s cameo? I think it is actually hilarious.

There are some side notes that should be pointed out. Yes, there is a missing episode for New Year’s Day. Trading Places was promised as the NYE entry, but due to financial issues, the episode was never recorded. Even these episodes are recorded on borrowed time.

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