F9 Trailer Reminds Us It’s Still A Thing

People complain that all that’s in theaters are super hero movies. Yet, those people remain silent when you have the Fast & Furious franchise running loose in cinemas and making serious cash. Now, while I understand that more substantive films go unnoticed while bug budget films dominate the media airwaves with years long teasers. The new F9 trailer is no exception.

I do give it a slight pass when you think it was originally slated to drop in theaters back in May 2020. But, you know, a global pandemic caused the world to stop. Having forgotten this movie existed, Universal wants to remind you that the film is coming to theaters on June 25, 2021.

I quit before the F9 trailer.

The previous film, The Fate of the Furious, didn’t jump the shark, it jumped the ocean. I mean, they were in a giant ice lake. Dom’s off-screen relationship, which wasn’t even indicated in the fifth film, produced a child. The baby momma, who was later killed by Charlize Theron. Then taking down a submarine. I just can’t even at this point.

Obviously, F9 needs to take things bigger. Because, now, it seems Dom have another brother that no one ever mentioned before. Jakob Toretto, played by John Cena, apparently has lived in Dom’s shadow for his whole life? I guess he wanted to be a hardcore racer, but Dom was better. I guess.

People complain about what is in comic book movies, but those are just that – COMIC BOOK MOVIES. Don’t even get me started on the resurrection of Han. I love Sung Kang, but even this won’t cause me to see the movie. Mostly because Dom is XXX again and his team belong in Mission Impossible.

It will be hard to see how much more outrageous they can get with two more films coming. You know, so they can complete this trilogy. Sadly, I gave up on this series when Paul Walker died.