Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Dark Mode

Yeah, it does seem like Facebook is being discussed a lot. The stories seem to lean from either they’re screwing up somewhere to do something cool for once. This is one of those “doing something cool for once”. Facebook Messenger has become a large part in which people are communicating to one another. That white background can be a major strain on the eyes.

It was neat when on Sunday, it was learned that Messenger finally released a “dark mode”. Now, the reason it wasn’t in a full release mode is simple: it’s still in beta. You can learn how to gain access to it. We explained about it on our podcast this week. It does sound like a joke but it is real and it works.

Facebook Messenger

All you need to do is send someone, or yourself, a moon emoji. That’s it. The screen is rain down on with moon emojis and it informs you that you have gained access to it. Enable it and it is glorious. Adam and I have been using it all of Sunday and it makes the boring app seem new again.

We knew that Facebook Messenger was going to reduce the amount of bloatware the app contained. For many people with limited data or storage space, people migrated over to Messenger Lite. A bare-knuckles version of the app that removes “chat heads” reduces data usage (i.e. gifs) to stills unless you tap on them.

Personally, I even made the move to the Lite version because my crappy prepaid Samsung phone couldn’t handle the bloated Messenger app. Recently, the updated version has reduced much of the bloat to something more manageable.

Much like YouTube’s dark mode, it makes it easier to view messages in a dark or poorly lit room. Facebook Messenger dark mode may not be available to everyone, but if you can get it – do it. You will definitely use it more.

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