Final Fantasy Soundtracks Coming to Apple Music and Spotify

It takes a special kind of person that listen to soundtracks. Like scores. People listen to movie scores like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or The Avengers. Others listen to video game scores like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, or Kingdom Hearts. Those of you Final Fantasy soundtracks fans may have gotten a great wish.

Square Enix has made the soundtrack albums for just about every mainline Final Fantasy game available for streaming. You can listen to music from the original Final Fantasy through to 2016’s XV, including direct sequels like X-2 and Lightning Returns and even individual albums for each XIV expansion. The soundtracks are up now on Apple Music and Spotify worldwide.

The Final Fantasy soundtracks has had its divisive moments, but one thing pretty much everyone agrees on is that the music has been consistently fantastic. Nobuo Uematsu’s soaring compositions for the earlier games in the series are rightly iconic, of course, but there’s some incredible music to be found from other composers that succeeded him, like Final Fantasy XV’s Yoko Shimomura and XIII’s Masashi Hamauzu.

This is great for gaming fans. Yeah, there have been composer channels that allow you to listen to the latest film score available or the eightieth time you heard something from Pirates of the Caribbean films. Slight shade at Pandora. But, this will allow players of some iconic games a chance to listen to just how beautiful those scores are.

Remember, Apple Music is $10 a month, which isn’t bad. In fact, Apple Music seems to be a better offering, if you are going for curated music, but with the split up of iTunes, you music library will factor into the new set-up. Spotify’s free version is still a good choice, but that is up to you. If you have to pay for one, I’d pay for Apple Music.

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