Firefox Extensions Fixed After Issues

For the longest time, Firefox has been the browser of choice when running Windows or Linux. However, as of late, Mozilla has been running into a few issues. Personally, I ran into so many bugs with Firefox that I had to resort to using Google Chrome again. Haven’t had an issue since. As of Thursday night, many users of Firefox had begun experiencing issues with Firefox extensions no longer working.

In a blog post, Mozilla was quick to get on it by claiming that the issue was caused by a certificate expiration error, which rendered extensions non-functioning.  However, it did take some time. On Sunday, Mozilla pushed an updated Firefox release (version 66.0.4 on Desktop and Android), which repaired the certificate chain and re-enabled web extensions. With the work week starting, they wanted to minimize the impact.

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Mozilla did reveal in the release notes that their fix didn’t resolve all issues, but remaining bugs could be fixed by either resetting up/logging into Multi-Account Containers, re-install any add-ons, re-enable any themes, or having to re-customize any home page or search setting as the fix may have reset to their defaults. Nothing major, just annoying.  Android users will have to re-install add-ons or re-enable themes.

There is no explanation as to how the issue slipped past QA and made it into the final build. However, it was an uncomfortable three days for most people. However, if you are using it for work, simply update the browser to repair any issues you encountered on Friday. One less pain to deal with at the beginning of the work week.

For this exact reason is why I have more than one browser on my devices. Whether it be desktop, laptop, or mobile device. In many instances, I use one when another decides to give me an issue. Usually, it is either Firefox or Chrome. I use Internet Explorer in a real pinch. At my last job, I got so upset, I was authorized to download Opera to prove a point. However, this glitch is the first for any Firefox extensions.

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