Fraud Blocking With AT&T Works If You Pay

AT&T has never been an honest company. Not to mention, they love to nickel-and-dime their customers to the point of nausea. Earlier in the week, AT&T claimed that they would add” automatic fraud blocking and suspected spam-call alerts” to mobile lines at no additional costs. However, that does not seem to be completely true.

“New AT&T Mobility consumer lines will come with the anti-robocall service. Millions of existing AT&T customers also will have it automatically added to their accounts over the coming months,” AT&T’s announcement said.

If you think you will never have to worry about spam callers on your phone with AT&T, you are sworely mistake. They are simply expanding their AT&T’s Call Protect. That free tier is no more than you having to manually add a number to block if they call you. You know, like you do already with an Android or iPhone. That service that is already built into the device.

However, if you don’t wish to be bothered at all, you can pay $4/month, which will send suspected robocalls or spam calls to your voicemail. You may begin to wonder about that vote the FCC had to force all providers to take aggressive action against robocalls. They did take that vote, but it didn’t force providers to offer the service for free. Remember, Ajit Pai, who heads the FCC, was a former Verizon Wireless lobbyist.

This is only for post-paid AT&T customers. If you have AT&T and are on a pre-paid plan, you are completely out of luck with fraud blocking. You are stuck doing it the way you always have. Send to voicemail or silence the ringer.

AT&T isn’t the only one at fault for this. With the FCC under complete control of the wireless lobby, it will be hard to see any real reforms that come out to benefit the consumer. Primarily since the do-not-call list was a bust once spammers started spoofing numbers.

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