Free HBO Max to HBO Subscribers on DirecTV

As we have always said, AT&T hates its customers. After a series of missteps by the company, particularly purchasing DirecTV and Warner Bros., AT&T has been trying to make up the cost of those less than stellar acquisitions. Their decision to capitalize on the Warner Bros. slate of iconic television and film titles, they are putting together HBO Max, which is simply a streaming service and less of HBO. In an attempt to show some compassion to their base, DirecTV customers will receive free HBO Max for anyone that already subscribes to HBO.

Yeah, if you already get HBO on DirecTV, you will receive free HBO Max. Now, let’s be honest, that isn’t much savings. True, the service is expected to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $16 to $17 a month, which is a couple of bucks more than the $14 a month for HBO Now. However, if you already have an HBO subscription, you can get the HBO Go app, which gives you the entire HBO library for free. So, there is nothing truly ground-breaking for HBO subscribers.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that there is only one plan for HBO Max… for now. According to Reuters, AT&T will begin offering a cheaper, ad-supported paid version of the app… in 2021. Costing somewhere in the area of $8 a month, you can get all the same content, but will just get ads like CBS All Access and Hulu. In true AT&T fashion, they want to get as much money as possible out the gate.

While the service is expected to launch sometime in 2020, even though no release date, price, or content description has been announced, it wouldn’t be surprising if it comes out full of bugs and to less than lackluster reviews.

AT&T doesn’t think fondly of its consumers, as they think with HBO plastered all over it, should bring people over. Even offering free HBO Max to current subscribers seems like a nice gesture, but it isn’t. I am most likely will to try it out, but with Disney+ and Apple TV+ at cheaper offerings, I don’t think I’ll stay there for long. Hell, I may just get HBO Now instead.

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