GameStop Replaced My Item But Missed Bigger Issue

Like many people, I reluctantly purchased a piece of third-party hardware from GameStop. For some context, the power supply on my Xbox One burnt out. Granted, it was seven years after I purchased it. However, it was weird because no piece of any console’s original hardware ever burnt out on me. :::Knocking on wood:::

This was, of course, during the waning months of the pandemic, April to be exact. It got me through the year-long shutdown, but I wanted to get a new one. I was hesitant on purchasing one through Amazon. If you’ve been scanning their third-party items lately, then you’ll know they are questionable at best.


So, I decided to purchase one through GameStop. It was their third-party adapter, Atrix, and it runs for $50. I had it delivered to their local shop, since I was expecting to go to the mall in a few days. This was during the sunset days of caring for my brother. I picked it up and tried it out. Worked fine. No real issues, except the fan runs a little loud.

I purchased through GameStop in case I had an issue.

The reviews on the device were less than stellar. Many said it ran loud. Some even said it burnt out after a month. But, I consider reviews like YouTube comments, with little thought unless they speak about something specific. Many said the brick ran loud.

I got a good month out of it until my brother passed. After that, gaming became a back burner kind of thing. After things settled down, I decided I should play some games again to relax. Went to boot up my Xbox and nothing happened. The brick was making a weird clicking noise, and a red light was shining. The brick died. It had been six months after I purchased it.


I was annoyed. Not pissed, but really annoyed. This is why I purchased it from an actual company. I don’t know. Gave me some sense of comfort. As I began looking for a replacement, Google kept reminding me where I purchased it in the first place. As I stumbled upon the landing page, I decided to leave a review of the brick. I rarely do, but I wanted to make my distrust of reviews clear. Believe the reviews on this one.

Never did I expect what they tried to do.

Within an hour of my post, GameStop’s customer care reached out to me and apologized for my experience. They offered to replace as a courtesy even though it was six months outside their return window. Over a week later, they sent to the original GameStop store and I have it plugged in. Seems to work. For now.

While they replaced the device with little issue, they ignored a bigger problem – this device is faulty. The biggest issue I saw is that the box ran loud. The second biggest issue is that it failed rather quickly. Now, this device isn’t new for them. The reviews go back a while. So, my question is why are they selling it?

Had they not reached out to replace it, I would’ve purchased it from somewhere else. Swallowed my pride and purchased an OG power supply from Amazon. I’m trying to stay away from ordering with them. That’s a whole other story.

It’s not the stores’ fault, but corporate.

Working in retail, I know how it works. Corporate decided that they amount of replacements wouldn’t cost much because they received it at a discount. I’ve worked for places like that. They figured the customer service aspect of replacing the device would keep people around. That only works for a moment.

If (or when) this second device fails – maybe in another six months – I’ll stop buying these kinds of items from them. Two power adapters in a year?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased they replaced it for me. However, I am skeptical about the longevity of the replacement. Maybe I’ll be wrong, and this will last me until I decide to grab an Xbox Series X. Another issue is why doesn’t Microsoft make this item readily available for people. If it fails again, I won’t replace it. Microsoft and GameStop will turn me into a PlayStation gamer solely.

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