Ghost Recon Breakpoint Skipping Steam for Epic Store

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to skip Steam in favor of an Epic Games Store-exclusive release, publisher Ubisoft says. The game will also come to Ubisoft’s proprietary Uplay store, but will otherwise not be available digitally from alternative sources on PC. Ubisoft isn’t the first game moving over to Epic Games Store in favor of their new revenue offering.

The company confirmed the news to PCGamesN, but did not give a reason why it had decided to withhold Breakpoint from a Steam launch, as one would expect. Ubisoft’s two most recent games, Anno 1800 and The Division 2, have also skipped Steam in favor of the Epic Store.

A possible explanation is that Epic takes a much smaller share of revenue than Valve does on Steam, making the former an attractive proposition for developers and publishers. Many gamers are not happy with the exclusivity deals Epic Games Store is making. Many consider the service to be weak and its inability to handle the traffic load that is required to handle some traffic.

On the other hand, Steam has a significant install base and has been around for much longer, meaning it possesses features the Epic Store does not, including cloud saves, achievements, and more. However, many gamers are unwilling to install another service as they have grown accustom to using a singular service for all their gaming needs.

Other big games, such as Metro: Exodus and Detroit: Become Human, have also skipped Steam, as Epic continues its drive to secure exclusives. Epic has stated it will change its policy of chasing exclusives if Valve reduces the cut it takes from game sales on Steam. This is unlikely to change when publishers are looking to incur more revenue when releasing games.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was recently announced and will launch on October 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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