Google Photos Unlimited Uploads Going Buh-Bye

Let us be honest about one thing, lots of people were surprised it lasted as long as it did. Google Photos unlimited uploads is being discontinued for everyone. When the service was released back in 2015, no one thought the free option would last five months. Much less five years. Starting on June 1, 2021, all “high quality” photos or videos will count against your Gmail cap of 15GB.

Now, while some of you are thinking that’s still a lot of space, that includes any saved emails, Google Workspace documents, slides and spreadsheets. This, also, includes anything in Google Drive. Basically, anything saved and tied to your Gmail account will all count towards that 15GB cap.

No one is spared from this action.

When the news was initially announced, sites were claiming that Google Pixel phones were exempt from the cap. However, less than twenty-four hours later, it was clear that they were walking that line back. Now, there is a saving grace at this moment, none of the pictures uploaded to your Google Photos will count toward the cap after the June 1 deadline. Any uploads after June 1, those will count toward your cap.

Google was the last bastion of free cloud storage, but much of their free options have disappeared as of late. As an iPhone user, I was using Google Photos because I refused to pay for iCloud. If you have Microsoft Office, you have 1TB of cloud storage, which includes photo uploads.

What are my options?

As of now, you can look into buying storage, which is actually pretty cheap. 100GB goes for $2.00 a month, or pay $20 annually. You can get 2TB for $10 a month or $100 annually. All three of their plans include family share options. That includes space for photos, documents, and emails. So, if you like to let that email get out of control, that could be a plan for you.

Or, if you don’t want to pay for Google Photos, you can always upload your photos to your computer and store them that way.