Building Blocks

The next step on our journey toward the Modern GOP, is something that happened during President Ronald Reagan’s final term in office. It has nothing to do with the Cold War or terrorism. It has everything to do with how Americans hear political discourse in the decades to come. In this episode of Great American Shit Show: Building Blocks, we come to find out how the removal of the “fairness doctrine” benefited the conservative agenda.

Now, some people think that the “fairness doctrine” would impact cable news, it doesn’t. Their logic behind that, and this is true, that people pay for cable so there should be no restrictions. Which is hilarious given the fact that when you sign up for a cable service, you don’t get a choice in which channels to view.

This action in its repeal would allow a conservative radio deejay, Rush Limbaugh, to skewer anyone that he sees as an energy without giving them a change to defend themselves. Allowing one narrative to be allowed on the airwaves.

Shownotes for “Building Blocks”


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With Limbaugh taking advantage of this new open landscape, it would allow other personalities like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, and many others to have radio shows and spread their uncontested fearmongering onto an unsuspecting public. An access that definitely helped in the rise of the Tea Party and definitely in the rise of Trump. Enjoy Great American Shit Show: Building Blocks.

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