The Founding

In the premiere episode of Great American Sh*t Show, we start off with episode one: “The Founding”. For so long, you hear in the media about how did the Republican Party make a hard right. The problem with the media, and the social media age public, no one goes beyond the year of their birth to see that they have been telegraphing this move for over sixty years.

Politics has used the art of “fearmongering” since before the formation of this country. However, the Republican Party has found this the core of their beliefs. No one will vote for you if you say you can make like better. You have to use the art of “fear” to make people vote so the dark side won’t win.

The true path of the modern GOP goes all the way back to the election of 1964. Lyndon Johnson is running for his first official term in office. Having served less than a year of former President John F. Kennedy’s term. He has the ability to run for two more elections, but a small faction within the Republican Party is angry.

Shownotes for “The Founding”


Barry Goldwater – Wikipedia

How Barry Goldwater Brought the Far-Right Center Stage – History


Pro-Trump protesters storm US Capitol – ABC News

Trump Calls Out Mike Pence in Effort to Overturn the Election – CNN

Barry Goldwater Endorses Extremism – NBC News

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Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Moogrogue

Barry Goldwater Speech – krazy14kraz

Presidential ad: “Daisy” from Lyndon B. Johnson – New York Historical Society

Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater vs. the Religious Right – Moogrogue

Lyndon B. Johnson beats Barry Goldwater Presidential Election 1964 – Public Domain Footage

Much like the Tea Party and MAGA crowd that will come later, the extremist party of the GOP nominate a bomb-thrower senator from Arizona. Barry Goldwater would be the embodiment of what Donald Trump would be in 2016 and a symbol of the direction the GOP is heading toward. Enjoy this week’s episode of Great American Shit Show: The Founding.

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