As I was concluding the editing of the “final” chapter of the Modern GOP series, I began to realize that I have some final thought. Thus, “Epilogue” was born. Starting with the 2021 insurrection, there were a few things I wanted to cover before I put this series to bed.

Donald Trump’s impact on America is profound and distinct. We used to hear about liberal making decisions politically, not by the law, and that is what Trump’s judges are doing. As he makes his way through the judicial system, many conservative judges are giving him advantages that no normal person could ever hope to receive.

Some conservatives are citing that Trump was denied his victory because democracy held together. However, the thought of that is shortsighted. With more conservative judges making activist decisions, if it were to happen again – could it stay together as it did in 2020?

Shownotes for “Epilogue”:


How America Changed During Donald Trump’s Presidency (Pew Research)

Did Trump damage American democracy? (Brookings Institute)


Fox News Projects Joe Biden Has Won the Presidency (The Guardian)

The moment Kevin McCarthy is ousted as Speaker of the House (CTV News)

Kevin McCarthy wins US House speaker bid after grueling, 15-vote saga (Guardian News)

Trump urges Republicans to drop Biden-backed border deal (Today)

Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (AP)

Obamacare “Death Panels” (The Kelly Files)

Palin: ‘Of Course There Are Death Panels’ In Obamacare (Secular Talk)

I did have some thoughts after completing this series and thought I could take another episode to share them. “Epilogue” are my final thoughts after learning what I had during this series. Seeing just how far the GOP had embraced its demons and how much they will use them to win. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together.

This won’t be my last deep dive series. I have some more planned.

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