Dawn of the Tea Party

After the collapse of the McCain – Palin presidential ticket in 2008, conservatives think tanks, backed by the Koch Brothers, started to work on ways to stymie the new president’s political agenda. Much of the mainstream media gets it wrong when they discuss the origins of the Tea Party. It’s always described as an “organic grassroots movement”. The dawn of the Tea Party was anything but organic.

It was started by an organization that founded itself back in the 1980s with the help of big oil and tobacco companies looking for a way to stop taxes and legislation in their areas.

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The Rise of the Tea Party” goes into the foundation funded by big business, and the GOPs obsession with seizing power. Their idea that they could somehow corral these lunatics to do what they need. The problem was that many of these people had no intention of governing. They have every intention of obstructing governing and allowing their funders to do what they will.

Enjoy this week’s penultimate episode. This is the set-up for what will come in the election of 2016. Laying the ground work for conspiracy theory and blatant racism.

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