The MAGA Movement

This was the moment people have been waiting for: The MAGA Movement. Now that we have laid out the history of the fringe Republican Party, you are able to see the path. This was inevitable. The party’s allegiance to Donald Trump was going to happen. From the introduction of Barry Goldwater, you saw the path of the GOP’s slow embrace of the far right.

Much of the information provided in this episode was from the David Corn book American Psychosis. It is an incredible book and if you want to see the straight line to Trump, this is a book you should read. A great chronicle of how the fringe became more and more the core of the party. And the “fringe element” was always part of the core.

Shownotes for “The MAGA Movement”:


American Psychosis – David Corn


President Obama zings Donald Trump, birthers at White House Correspondents’ Dinner (CNN)

What Donald Trump Said When He Heard ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape (Access Hollywood)

2016 Presidential Campaign Most Memorable Moments (ABC News)

Donald Trump Announces Presidential Campaign (Wall Street Journal)

Trump: I Could Shoot Somebody and Not Lose Voters (CNN)

Trump: McCain Not a ‘War Hero’ (Wall Street Journal)

As we move into the 2024 election, the modern GOP sees things as they want, not as they are. Fringe actors dominate the party. Their fever dream of winning the White House and owning both chambers of Congress, allowed them to want that again. No matter the path they need to go down to achieve it.

Even though Trump lost them the Senate and Oval Office, the party still sees them as their leader. As sensible Republicans either leave the party or stay out of fear, the party will either need to split or die in order to start over. Enjoy this week’s episode “Modern GOP: The MAGA Movement”.

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