Total Eclipse of the Mind

This was not my planned episode. I had another episode planned and already written before I discovered the wacky conspiracy theories coming for the eclipse. “Total Eclipse of the Mind” was done in a bit of a rush. If it sounds like it, I apologize.

No matter what astrological event happens, there always seems to be a sort of panic. Whether it be by the religious nuts that think Jesus is coming, or a plan takeover by the globalist, people get weird. Mostly it is the ones that have a social media account.

I personally love conspiracy theories. Not as a believer, but for strict entertainment purposes. Much like my fascination for true crime, I often wonder just how someone can twist themselves into a not to believe any of the things they are saying.

Shownotes for “Total Eclipse of the Mind”:


The Far Right Is Crawling With Eclipse Conspiracy Theories (Rolling Stones)

The Solar Eclipse Is the Super Bowl for Conspiracists (Wired)

Nothing True Under the Sun: Why solar eclipses are a breeding ground for conspiracy theories (Salon)


Alex Jones’ LOONY Solar Eclipse Conspiracy Theory (TYT)

These TikTok ECLIPSE Conspiracies are Unhinged (Ian Lauer Astro)

I know that they don’t. None of them believe in it. Especially the ones that ask you to like and subscribe. This is all about building a subscriber base or making money. When dealing with someone like Alex Jones, it is his desire to be relevant. After losing much of his clout to the likes of Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, and Tucker Carlson, he needs to be remembered.

Whether it be a sign from God, a pending rapture, or Biden is running a martial law war game, people that spread this stuff is all about building themselves up. By exploiting paranoid people, they don’t care. Just as long as you subscribed to them or bought their supplements. Enjoy “Total Eclipse of the Mind”.

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