Voters are Idiots

Sounds like such a strong title, doesn’t it? “Voters are Idiots” dives into younger voters needing to get out there are make their claim. Many of the politicians that have power have been there since the first World War. Many of the old fibs we were taught as kids are untrue. “Your vote doesn’t count.” “Elections are all rigged.”

With crazy MAGA Republicans not being discouraged by losing, they have become more dangerous than ever. After falling victim to college age voters, many conservatives are promoting to raise the voting age to 25. You can die for your country, buy a drink, buy a gun, but you can’t vote.

The old saying goes that “old politicians are the ones that choose the young to go and die for their wars.” You think if young voters got more involved, we cannot have these wars.

Shownotes for “Voters are Idiots”:



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“Voters are Idiots” also touched on voters that vote against their own self-interest. Such as the case of senior citizen Republicans that vote for people that want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Arab Americans that want to protest vote Biden but will usher in Trump – who will do worse to their Palestinian families in Gaza. Enjoy this week’s episode and hope it makes you think.

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