Happy Anniversary – The New Lazy Geeks

At the end of August, we mentioned that we would be making changes on The Lazy Geeks blog. Actually, that is one of the changes we made. We have turned it back into a blog, as opposed to a news website. This will fall in line with our new direction for the blog and podcasts. During the month of September, we tried to focus where the posts should stem from, as well as our posting schedule.

Why Now?

It felt appropriate to make the changes now and reveal them in October. Some wonder why that is the case, but it is because it’s our anniversary. In October of 2010, we launched the blog and our first podcast. On our eight anniversary, it was as perfect as a time as any to make some changes. New format. New layout. New structure.
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Our decisions stemmed from the point of fatigue in the traditional “geek news” that litters the internet. All we are discussing is the same news that we’ve talked about for eight years. It came to a head when we would listen to our first shows and realize that we are still talking about the same things. Not to mention our lives have changed since then. Our focus has changed.

What’s The Focus Now?

It isn’t simply geek news. We are moving into the umbrella term of geek. Anything that creates geeks. Tacking onto the traditional uses of the work: comics, gaming, and technology. However, we are expanding it to include political geeks, movie geeks, geek lifestyle, and retro geeks, among others.
We are shifting more from quantity to quality. When we write up about a news story, it will be something that we have a personal interest in. The news item in the story will be featured, but we will look back at some of the other items that prompted the story and its relevance. There will be more opinion. We are not journalists. Nor, have we ever claimed to be. Time to start acting like it.

What Are We To Expect?

Lots of various topics and ranges. Currently, we have blog posts about starting your own podcast, an apology to Nintendo over the Wii U, and even how President Trump’s attack on the tech companies is actually a Democrat platform. There will be thoughts and pieces that will be available on the site including more reviews on movies, games, and technology. Again, posts will not regularly be daily but will occur a few times a week.
This was the result of two people (eight years older) and their interests have changed. Not only age, but the landscape that they started out in has changed as well. So much of the things we started back in 2010 has dominated the internet in 2018, and ends in clickbate material. We always wanted to be counter to that, but it seems that society doesn’t. We want to change and maybe this time – everyone will follow our lead again.
This is our 8th year anniversary and beginning our ninth year. Enjoy it with us and help us go another eight years. Enjoy the new Lazy Geeks.

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