Huge Changes Coming in January

As 2017 comes to a close, there are some changes coming. If you listened to The Lazy Geeks Podcast for this week, we are making some changes to our podcast line-up. Not only that, we will be making some changes to how we run our blog. None of this comes out of not wanting to do some of the things we have done, but out of efficiency. To put it another way, there is way too much to do when you are a two-person team.

Regarding Podcasts

On the podcast side, we want to focus more on the shows themselves. However, having alternating shows during the month doesn’t allow us to focus too much on a single show. Not only that, it forces us to commit to something that may not be complete spelled out when we begin. We had contemplated going back to the single show format from many years ago. Reason why that won’t happen is due to the fact that we love The Away Team so much.

The Lazy Geeks Podcast is our baby. That is the show that started it all. That is our weekly show and we love doing it. It allows us to talk about many topics. However, if I kept it to simply talking about four news stories, Adam would mostly focus on gaming news. Forcing us to stick to those various topics manages to keep us on our toes.

When we return on January 8th, we will have a standard release schedule. Mondays will be The Lazy Geeks Podcast and Friday will be The Away Team.


Doing this would mean that we would have to cut down two other shows. The Cheap Seats and Just Another Podcast were placed on the chopping block. However, there were reasons for the cancellation. Not only were they typically our lower downloaded shows, I currently do another series that discuss films – for film geeks – on my other site The Middle-Aged Geek.

Now, given that Adam does not have as intense of a film background that I and my co-host Patrick does, it made more sense to stick with that one. It is, in no way, a negative impact on Adam, it simply means that we don’t share the same level of interest in films.

Just Another Podcast is a show that never started off well. It went through several manifestations since the first episode. However, Adam and I wanted a show that we can talk about anything. Anything geek, real-world related, political, religious, or stream-of-consciousness sort of talk.  However, basing it on The Lazy Geeks Network could be more divisive than we would like.

Removing it from our network, this would allow us to grow that blog and not be stuck on simply a geek-related topic or alienate our current fan base. However, we are moving it to my other site The Middle-Aged Geek which will be renamed in January Just Another Blog.

The new incarnation of the show will come under the title It’s Just Another Podcast. That will be part of the whole Just Another Blog site and its primary podcast for the site. Adam will be joining me to conduct that weekly show that will discuss whatever we want to talk about without fear of retribution. However, we will be doing it our way.

As For The Site

Since our focus is going to be on discussing the news on the podcast, thus something will have to fall. We have decided to no longer post news stories on the site. We will reshuffle the site to be hosting the site and maybe some blog posts about the shows, site, or some news we wish to discuss. Getting traffic to the site is difficult but it seems like more of what we had started out to do in the past.

As you will see going forward, we will produce less, if any, additional news stories from today on. We will continued to give you new releases, hosting our podcast episodes, blog posts, and maybe news that you should be looking for. As we look into 2018, we look to streamline the process and reduce the workload for us across the board. Thus, focusing our energies on our primary focus – the shows. Please let us know what you think about this going forward, and hope you will join us on this new journey.

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