There is a difference between watching ads you know are supported, but ones you are forced to view. We have known for a while that social media companies are trying to find new ways of increasing revenue. TikTok is placing ads at the end of some videos, which you can skip. Instagram is taking it one step further. Non-skippable ads, which they lovingly called “ad break.”

With the new ads, which have already been spotted by some users, you can’t scroll past the feed ad until the “ad break” finishes. According to screenshots shared on Reddit and X, it appears that the “breaks” are a few seconds long, though it’s not clear if the length could change should Meta decide to make the new format official. “Ad breaks are a new way of seeing ads on Instagram,” an in-app message states. “Sometimes you may need to view an ad before you can keep browsing.”

Instagram wants you to see some ads

“As we test and learn, we will provide updates should this test result in any formal product changes,” a Meta spokesperson said.

There are going to be some people that will claim “ads make them money. Shut up about it.” That is until they are forced to watch it, they will eventually complain. The devil is in the details. How many times will they force you to watch commercials? Will they force you to watch the same commercial repeatedly? Like YouTube.

It is important to understand that companies make money through ad revenue, but it is turning back to those banner ads from the early days of the internet. I remember when Meta threw in ads in the middle of videos on Facebook. No video was important enough to sit through the ad. Hell, I’ve reached the point on TikTok, if I have to see five clips to watch some entitled woman get taken down by the cops… It’s not worth my time.

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