Internet Explorer, Dead at the Age of 26

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is dead, at the age of 26. For most people, no one seemed to notice. Last week, Microsoft announced that they had officially withdrawn support of Internet Explorer 11. This isn’t a shock, as Microsoft announced the transition to Edge with the release of Windows 10 back in 2015.

Internet Explorer has been a distant third or fourth compared to other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and a slew of others. The only other browser to get less use that IE was Safari. That doesn’t count iPhone users. However, since Apple allowed the change of default browsers, most people don’t even use that anymore.

Most people only used Internet Explorer to download another web browser, which was either Firefox or Chrome. Edge is essentially Chrome and works a lot better than IE ever did. However, Edge is completely Microsoft-out, which makes it annoying to use. Even back in the day, I used Netscape Navigator. Ask your parents about that kids.

Internet Explorer was never a good browser.

Say what you will about the browser, many of us started using it until we knew better. In the early days of the internet, many didn’t know you could use one outside of AOL. Early on, it was a war between Internet Explorer and Netscape. Then Microsoft was hit with an anti-trust lawsuit putting their browser on all computers.

Since then, no one really used Internet Explorer much. Usually it was used to test when one had difficulty with a particular site. Since then, most people toggle between Chrome and Firefox. I do the same. Even now. As Microsoft pushes Edge on people, I only use it again to download another browser. No matter how much they beg.

I would say this was a sad moment, but it isn’t. IE was never a good browser, which is why Google became popular. That’s why “google” became an action. “Google it”. No one ever said, “bing it”.

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